Welcome to Whispered Support. Our hope is that you will find practical and helpful information here to guide you through the days surrounding the death of your precious baby. The following ideas have been sent from parents all around the world, who have walked this road beforehand.

Suggestions for the time that you have your baby with you
  • Tell your baby that you love them
  • Hold your baby's hand
  • Kiss your baby's cheek
  • Unwrap your baby to see his, or her whole body
  • Give your baby a bath
  • Think about allowing family members to come and see your baby
  • Take your baby outside to let the sun kiss and warm their skin
  • Take hand and foot prints, not just one set but two or three
  • Take many photos
  • Have your photo taken holding your baby
  • Take video footage
  • If possible take a lock of hair
  • Keep one of their blankets
  • Write a description of your baby's features
Things you can do after you have said goodbye
Things that family and friends can do to help during these days
  • Send a sympathy card
  • Send flowers
  • Cook a meal for the family
  • Take some groceries to their home
  • If they already have children offer to babysit
  • Press flowers that have bloomed on the day of the baby's birth
  • Support them in every possible way if they are going through this loss by themselves. If the case is that they are single and do not have a partner, organize for them to have someone close stay with them when they arrive home from hospital
If you have some time before the birth of your baby, here are some preparations ideas
  • Take your last pregnancy photo's in a beautiful place, for instance, outside in a garden
  • Burn a special candle
  • Take photos with your family
  • Write a letter to your baby
  • Contact "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep."
  • Contact Australian Charity of Child Photographers
  • Choose a name for your baby
  • Look into arranging moldings for their hands and feet
  • Start a blog for support